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7 Reasons Why You Should Travel

7 Reasons Why You Should Travel

21st September 2015  Juri  Inspiration, Travel

Since graduating high school I spent most of my spare time (and money) traveling. Including long trips of several month each and living in four different countries during the past two years. My friends and family are often amazed how often I get the urge to pack my things and head out. Here is what I tell them: 7 reasons why you should travel too!


Broadens your horizon – On your journeys you see a lot. Good and bad. Beautiful and ugly. Strange and familiar. And each and every of the experiences you are going to make adds to who you are, what you know and how you relate to your surroundings. You are exposed to new cultures, languages, habits, traditions, interests perspectives and values. You experience new food, drinks, sights, activities, encounters and situations. When you come back you see things differently. The monochrome world you left behind suddenly isn’t black and white anymore. You are able to see and relate to a much wider spectrum.


Makes you more confident – Often trips don’t go according to plan. And guess what? That’s good! The worst that can realistically happen usually isn’t that bad at after all. Maybe you miss a flight, or have to wait for the next bus in the middle of nowhere in midday heat. But no matter which challenges you are facing, in the end you are proud to have reached your destination. Overcoming obstacles makes you more self reliant. After a while you know that no matter what life throws at you, you are able to handle it.


Become more social – While being on the road you meet a lot of different people. If you want or not. Traveling means interacting with your surroundings. You have to ask for direction, book accommodation, transportation and activities, order food and get information of all kind. Only by talking to people you are be able to get to the deep experiences traveling has to offer. Along the way you learn to talk, to negotiate, make new friends and build a global network of fellow travelers. In addition once you’re home, you actually have something to talk about.


Enjoy the little things – Chances are when you’re traveling at on a budget, you are living the backpacker life. And that’s a good thing. You experience how little you actually need to get by. Sometimes you might miss something but soon realize you either don’t need it or the small miss comfort isn’t worth getting annoyed about. Over time you become less and less materialistic and more aware of your surroundings. This can hurt, then you gradually become aware of the incredible suffering in some places. However unpleasant that feeling might be, in the end it is what makes us human: Empathy.


You are less stressed – Travel means discovery. Reaching unknown places. Being in an unacquainted environment. Every time you manage to figure out how it works gives you confidence. You learn how to handle uncertainties and aren’t agitated easily. After a while you remain calm. You know in the end it might not go according to plan, but it will work out. So whats the point to get stressed out in the first place?


Fuels your curiosity – Most people catch fire after their first long trip to a foreign country. If you take a journey abroad and experience a vastly different surrounding, you begin to grasp the incredible abundance our planet contains. And you want to experience it. If the one place you have been to was so fascinating, what else is out there? What lies around the corner? Over the hill? If I haven’t seen it, how can I judge if it was worth going there? With curiosity comes the willingness to explore that drives you beyond your level of comfort. You become more adventurous and keep learning at the same time. Constantly.


Feeling free and grateful –  Once your trip started, you’re free to do whatever you want. You can go wherever you feel like going. You left behind your well-known bubble and embarked on a journey into the unknown. Every once in a while you will be smitten by a situation, a scenery, a smell, an atmosphere or place. You will sense freedom. And that’s very precious. So precious that you feel grateful for being allowed to experience it.


So why should you travel now?

You are never as young as you are now. The more time you have exploring the world the more you are able to see and the richer you will feel.

Take the first step and write down a destination. Start planning your next trip. Where do you want to go? What’s in your way? What are you waiting for? Start planning now!

I would love to hear from you. Why do you travel? Did I miss an important reason to travel?

Please leave a comment or write me a mail at: juri@vagabondtime.com


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